Midnight Musings

I read about the sleepless nights I would be in for after having Max, but I don’t think I really had any idea what I was really in for.  Max like most babies I would imagine spent the first six weeks of his life being up most of the night.  In an effort to stay awake and try to figure out what I could be doing to sleep I read tons of blogs.  Some had really helpful tips, some led me to products that turned my life around an others (my favorites) let me know that this to shall pass.

Late one night I decided I to could be a blogger, I immediately claimed a twitter and instagram names and promptly forgot about it until recently (don’t judge it was 4:00am, that time right before the sun comes up where you feel slightly insane.)  My boyfriend, Chris recently asked me why I had multiple instagram accounts and I remembered my blogger ambitions, so here I am.

Those first few weeks were crazy, I had no idea what I was doing, other than struggling to make it through.  Here’s the good news we all do and it gets so much better!  Just when you think you can’t make it another night and catch yourself emailing night nurses because you would do anything for sleep you wake up in a panic because they slept through the night. (reading the email response the next morning I realized two things, a. I couldn’t really afford it and b. the thought of someone else being with my baby while I slept was slightly unfathomable.)  Here is what I recommend:

Don’t try to do it all, trust your significant other and or let your mom or best friend stay over and pitch in for a night.

Get a co-sleeper, with Max right next to me it was so much easier to wake up and feed him and pass back out.

Keep trying things, if at first a swaddle doesn’t work, try again!

Remember this is just a phase.